Talent Solutions and Why Retained Recruiting is a Smart Move in 2020

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Talent solutions mean different things to different people ranging from recruiting strategies to tools that help manage internal talent and external candidates. Just as talent is a wide-reaching umbrella term for the diverse pool of candidates for a particular job opening, talent solutions can also include a diverse set of features and functions for talent management and reporting.

talent solutions
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Let’s face it, finding, engaging and retaining the best talent is a fast-growing challenge as we enter the second decade of this millennium. It doesn’t help that there are many approaches to talent solutions today, and the options are expanding. We all know it is critical to deploy the ones that best suit the needs of the organization. But who has the time to study them all and make those decisions? One thing that is certain, no business owner is ready to jump on a single solution to meet the complex needs of their operations without looking at the options.

Where Brand, Business, and Talent Solutions Intersect

Every organization has its own unique design and fabric. When you are building on a heritage of success, it is critical to stay true to these roots and respect the past while at the same time discovering the importance of disruption. All brands must evolve and improve if they are to retain their good standing with respect to progress and trends. Unfortunately, although trends may seem fleeting and unimportant at times, they can swiftly make or break a brand. How does a business owner find balance?

Talent Solutions
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Your strategic approach to talent solutions begins with a deeper understanding of your company culture. It also benefits from your expertise in assessing the skills, leadership style, and cultural fit of all candidates. In fact, this is even more critical at the leadership level where there is an immediate and direct impact on culture and strategic decisions. Engaging the right executive recruiting firm can improve the success rate of search, and even guarantee candidate placement as we do at Manhattan Resources.

Whether you are filling mission-critical leadership roles, building short-term teams of professionals, or tackling your organization’s most significant challenges, Manhattan Resources has the agility, innovation and business acumen to boldly take your business to the next level. Likewise, our experts help today’s business owners customize talent solutions that advance their organization in a competitive environment.

Seeking Expertise When Examining Talent Solutions

Manhattan Resources is a retained search and business solutions firm. As a result, we provide dedicated time and superior expertise in your industry through the lens of the most critical aspect of any business — your people.

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A retained recruiting firm with expertise in business solutions is a valued partner when planning for the future. While you go about daily operations and keep your organization on track, your retained recruiter and business consultant can handle talent acquisition, management and retention strategy, and attrition planning. Their team of experts can help you plan and fill your talent pipeline virtually eliminating fire drills when it comes to replacing key leaders and professionals.

Retained search is usually the first choice for those looking to replace senior-level roles but so often this model is overlooked for some of the other critical needs mentioned above. Many companies attempt to do these jobs internally with slow results if any at all. That is because they call on individuals with fulltime job responsibilities. The assignment becomes an afterthought: “After you finish everything else you are working on, please work on our talent solutions project.” No one tracks the progress and suddenly, when it is needed, everyone is surprised to learn the project has not been completed.

The Benefits of a Consulting Relationship

Surprisingly, retained recruitment is more affordable than you think when you factor in all the benefits. In retained search, depending on the firm you choose, the fee for placement is usually about 30% of total annual compensation for the position.

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But more important are the added benefits associated with hiring a consultant such as a retained recruiter.  For example, you benefit from external observation to identify the problem, cause, solution, and implementation. In addition, you expand on subject matter expertise, add an unbiased project manager, and increase the bandwidth of your team.

Typically, payments are made in three parts. One is a retainer to initiate the search. The second is made at an agreed-upon time during the search or strategy project. The final is due upon placement of the candidate, or completion of the project. Manhattan Resources provides a guarantee to replace a candidate should that person leave before a specified time. Therefore, we stay closely connected to ensure that the transition into his or her new role goes smoothly.

Getting Started on Your Talent Solutions

So how can you know if a retained recruiter and business solutions consultant is right for your business? In fact, you need a consultant when you become aware that you can use help from outside to move your company from where you are to where you want to be.

Talent Solutions
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Building a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives enables long-term growth. Manhattan Resources provides a collaborative, insight-driven approach from planning to talent optimization.

“Our process starts by spending time with our new clients in their environment, meeting with their leadership team to ensure thorough technical and cultural understanding,” says Chris Schoettelkotte. “This time spent with the client organization might seem unnecessary to our competition, but we believe it to be critical.”

We Take Talent Solutions Personally

Manhattan Resources conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the position and where it sits in the organization. In addition, the company evaluates any nuanced skills necessary in the right candidate. These might extend to team relationships, historical expectations, and less clearly defined aspects of the business. Dedication to finding the right professional for the technical and cultural needs of our client at the right stage of the professional’s career is how we provide our placement guaranty. “Moreover, it is how we provide candidates that have an extensive runway for future opportunities within the organization,” Schoettelkotte adds.

Talent Solutions
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Talent pipelines are especially valuable for companies trying to hire in competitive markets. Certainly, every company benefits from a pipeline of relevant candidates. These can be internal and upskilling or passive candidates that engage through your retained recruiter’s network. With this engaged pipeline in place, no searches start from scratch and organizations dramatically reduce costs and time to hire.

Talent solutions provide customized resolutions for interrelated aspects of your organizational culture. These can range, for example, from recruitment, retention, interim professionals, leadership, team planning, project management, attrition, and more. Find out how the experts at Manhattan Resources can help.

Talent Solutions
Upskilling manufacturing employees, in this case, means teaching 3D printing skills.

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