Areas of Practice: Deep Expertise and a Peerless Network

Working across a broad range of industries has helped our practice expertise grow in depth and breadth. Today these the core functions are essential to the success portfolios of our networks, operating in some of the top businesses around the world.

Practice Areas to Explore

Executive Leadership

Practice areas for Manhattan Resources demonstrate our extensive background. Manhattan Resources has the experience to help you gain and retain the executive leadership necessary to build and lead your company to success. Our executive search practice, developed over the last 17 years, uses a tried and true process to identify talent with the technical requirements, the cultural fit and at the right stage of their career to lead your organization.Our interim and project consultants provide critical executive skillsets for short term and project-based needs, completing your team and filling gaps. To discuss how we can help build your high-performance team, contact us today.

Finance & Accounting

Critical among practice areas are financial and accounting. In today’s fast-changing business model there are few things more important than the ability to manage your financial risks and predict outcomes.Financial and accounting officers must control costs, push the top line, and manage risk, all while executing mergers and acquisitions and navigating regulatory changes.Manhattan Resources has deep experience in providing key leadership and technical experts in financial and accounting positions in industries across the country. CFOs, controllers, subject matter experts for system implementation – our experience can help you find the right talent for your finance and accounting needs.

Sales & Marketing

Practice areas including sales and marketing teams work at the razor’s edge of competition, where rivalry is fierce and technology enables extreme targeting. Successful sales approaches now reach well beyond traditional marketing, into the realm of science where analytics, technology, public opinion and digital mastery rule.Manhattan Resources identifies sales and marketing leaders that do more than build brands and target prospects. For example, these leaders capitalize on media evolution and innovation. They also lead the charge into new markets without losing sight of existing ones. And, they embrace cultural shifts to maximize reach.

Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the practice areas that is integral to virtually every aspect of business today. Leaders in IT are change masters. Because of this, they are skilled to manage multiple high dollar capital investments subject to change at any point. Additionally, as the pace of business quickens, hardware and software tools are more powerful and more complex. Building the right IT team is critical to a company’s immediate operations, as well as its long-term viability.Manhattan Resources helps clients assess their IT needs, and places senior talent to provide leadership, strategy and direction; functional experts to support technical implementations; and technicians to administer, implement, support, analyze and manage your systems.


Effective operational management is the backbone of any organization and one of our important practice areas. For example, flawless execution is expected. Furthermore, planned, immediate responses to operational issues are required. Operations leadership today cannot simply ensure that the wheels stay on the bus; they must understand where the bus is going. They must also know the path to get there, and how to remove or mitigate obstacles along the way.Manhattan Resources has extensive experience identifying operational leaders with the ability to manage fast-changing environments. In addition, they know competitive landscapes. Plus, they have the experience to also support your interim and project-based needs.

Legal & Compliance

In-House Counsel. From policies and procedures to ethics, contracts to warranties, every company needs strong legal leadership. We help you reduce worries and protect your business interests by sourcing legal resources. Because of its critical nature for your business, it is also important among our practice areas.Legal Partner Search. Manhattan Resources helps find the right leader for your existing practice or grow your practice into new areas.

Engineering & Technical

Engineering and technical is important among our practice areas. Today’s engineering and technical teams must work together and with the rest of the business like a finely tuned symphony. Each talented musician plays his or her part creating a complementary, synergistic whole to take your company to the top.Manhattan Resources has the experience to identify the talent that complements the rest of your team. In addition, they also help build a team from scratch to achieve your objectives. We identify both the technical and engineering leadership required to design your strategy.  Also, we provide experts to execute the vision and solve complex technical challenges, whether in full-time or interim project-based roles.

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