Industry Experience to Navigate Change

As we enter what has been termed the fourth industrial age, or Industry 4.0, the emerging technologies we see today are having a powerful and world changing impact across all industries. This impact is seen in changing job requirements, flexible organizational structures, and fluid business solutions in the growth of the innovation economy.

Industry Experience to Navigate Change

The industries we serve at Manhattan Resources are a reflection of the rich, deep experience gained in the vibrant city of our origin. As Houston grew to be the fourth largest city in the U.S., our business has also evolved to serve.

Our clients start from our roots in oil and gas, retail energy, power and utilities, and petrochemicals. Today they also include finance, manufacturing and distribution, legal, engineering, and construction, to name a few. Therefore, we invite you to experience a recruiting and business solutions partner like no other.

Building Innovative, Agile Teams for the Industries We Serve

The core functions that are essential to the success portfolios of our networks result from our depth of experience. They allow our clients to hire strategic leadership and operate successfully in the top competitive categories around the world. That is because we partner with our clients, often aligning ourselves with operations. This ensures a strong understanding of the needs and desires of a candidate.

When everything is on the line, and change is the cards, Manhattan Resources is there to help you navigate stormy seas. You are not in this alone. We have the teams to help you find solutions and identify the impact on your business – from executive leadership to implementation teams. Click on the industry icons above to explore our aligned experience.

Explore Some of the Industries We Serve

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