Banking Recruiters Play an Important Role in the Growth of Communities

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banking recruiters
Banking recruiters assist banks in finding the leadership to grow their business and the community.

Banking recruiters are critical when it comes to finding the right leadership for your community banks which are central for building local communities. Manhattan Resources is committed to assisting the financial industry when it comes to leading, innovating and adapting to the requirements of today’s talent landscape.

In keeping with this commitment, we work diligently to place board members, C-suite executives, management, line business leaders, technical and skilled workers in all banking and financial disciplines. Our clients span a range of assets and community influence including commercial banks, savings and loan facilities, credit unions, and investment firms.

Manhattan Resources has deep experience providing key leadership and technical experts as retained finance and banking recruiters. In addition, our candidates drive economic growth by leading and managing financial institutions and organizations that invest in and grow businesses in the communities they serve.

banking recruiters
Banking recruiters work to attract individuals who connect the dots between technology and business.

Retained Banking Recruiters Ease the Process of Locating Leadership Talent

At Manhattan Resources, our banking recruiters cultivate relationships with exceptional financial executives across the industry. These relationships help us locate the right position for the right candidate at the right time.

In the banking and financial technology (FinTech) arena, we help our clients identify talent and manage new competitive threats. We help them build teams (permanent and interim) to get ahead of evolving cyber threats and regulatory requirements.

In the private equity arena, Manhattan Resources helps source the specific leadership needed for interim and long term positions and provides project consulting experts for turnaround and growth expertise. Private equity succeeds by building outstanding leadership teams that can take a business and drive profitability and results. Our finance and banking recruiters provide the talent to fuel your success.

payment convenience
Fintech is what makes new forms of payment and banking conveniences possible.

Fortify Talent Base to Better Handle the “New Wave of Disruption”

The 2020 Banking and Capital Markets Outlook, published by Deloitte Insights in December 2019, predicts a new wave of disruption in banking “more forceful and more pervasive than what we have seen in recent years that will likely unfold in the next decade.” However, the report also states that with this disruption, comes endless opportunities. One important recommendation entering the new decade, the report suggests that banks should fortify their core foundation on four dimensions. These are technology infrastructure, data management, risk management, and talent.

Disruption in banking is expected as a result of political and global economics, among other issues. You can also expect extreme technological disruptions as a result of sweeping changes to the nature of work, demographic shifts, climate change, and possible Japanification. Deloitte experts see these potential impacts as having serious implications for the banking industry.

For example, these forces create more open, transparent, real-time, intelligent, tailored, and secure banking. In addition, they make banking more seamless, and deeply integrated into consumers’ lives and institutional clients’ operations.

It is interesting to note, that even while banking processes change, bank roles are not likely to change. Despite what happens, banks should remain true to their core identity as financial intermediaries: matching demand with the supply of capital.

Human Side of Finance
The role of bankers may evolve but technology allows more for the human side.

Banking Recruiters Focus on the Human Side of Transformation

To take full advantage of technology, banks, and other financial firms should focus on redefining and redesigning jobs to empower the higher-order work (requiring intuitive, creative, interpretive, and problem-solving skills) that humans can best handle. As a result, these new super jobs that result from a redesign could then require a change to the workforce, especially to attract individuals who can connect the dots between technology and business.

In most cases, there are two options: talent acquisition or re-skilling. Banks already have a strong appetite for talent acquisition. Yet, the closely regulated nature of the financial services industry limits the use of alternative talent models (gig talent). In addition, the current low unemployment rates and tight labor markets further complicate the picture. As a growth imperative, banks should, therefore, consider reskilling (and in some cases, upskilling) their internal talent pool when possible. Manhattan Resources can assist through its business solutions practice.

Banking recruiters
It is critical to train leaders to keep up with the rapid pace of change in banking.

Leading an Augmented Workforce through Rapid Change

Bank leaders need to understand changes to the nature of work, the workforce and the workplace because all are interrelated. This brings us to a critical question, what type of person is needed to lead these augmented workforces?

According to research, more than 80 percent of financial institutions surveyed believe their organization is not effective or only somewhat effective in developing leaders that can keep up with work’s rapid pace of change. Many highlighted the importance of skills that balance traditional expectations and new competencies.

Therefore, the profile of tomorrow’s banking leaders likely needs to evolve to include essential core attributes. For example, an aptitude for balancing business knowledge with tech fluency and managing complexity. Banking leaders will also need strong interpersonal skills and the ability to facilitate change with an inspiring, forward-looking vision. And, they also should possess the ability to empower a diverse and inclusive workforce across multiple locations and virtual environments. By working with banking recruiters, like Manhattan Resources, banks examine the context in which future leaders thrive. In this way, they can hire the right leaders and begin to cultivate them today.

banking recruiters
One of the most important areas of our lives that is impacted every day by new technologies is our finances.

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