Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing is the area of business where competition between companies is perhaps the fiercest. To generate revenue, a company must sell, and to sell, a company must set themselves apart from the rest. Turning a profit today and laying the groundwork for future viability are equally important, but not easy to do at the same time.

Sales and marketing leaders must do more than build brands and target prospects. Success in marketing requires continually developing new skills as media evolve, becoming familiar with new markets without losing sight of existing ones and embracing cultural shifts that demand–and reward–adaptability.

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Common Sales & Marketing Positions

  • CMO
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Branding /Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Internet/Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Channel Marketing
  • Channel Development
  • Inside Sales
  • Field Sales
  • International Sales
  • Sales Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Sales Operations