Practice Areas

We at Manhattan Resources concentrate our efforts on energy-related industries where we’re the most capable; particularly energy, oil & gas and petrochemicals. Our vast depth of experience, combined with a peerless breadth of contacts, results in placing individuals who are, hands down, the best candidates available for your critical positions. While each of these industries is completely unique, our practice areas are common to all industries, and represent core functions essential to any energy company’s success.

Executive Leadership

The more powerful the organization, the more impactful the top-level decisions made at the top. The right leadership means the right direction for the company. More


Creating goods or services is the heart and soul of any business. Building a strong operations team is the difference between profitability and failure. More

Accounting & Finance

We recruit across all levels of accounting, finance, tax & audit: CFO, CAO, Controller, Director, Manager, Supervisor, Senior & Staff. More


We specialize in placing technical experts across the energy spectrum, including engineers, geologists, geophysicists, geoscientists, etc. More

Information Technology

IT is a broad, yet specialized area, and finding the right skills for any position requires technical knowledge and loads of due diligence. More

Sales & Marketing

Whether you sell products or services, market ideas or physical goods, a powerful sales & marketing team is critical to your bottom line. More