Refined petroleum can be turned into a dizzying array of finished products, ranging from industrial chemicals and machine parts to toys and makeup. Almost everything we touch on a daily basis is derived from petrochemicals, and the business that creates them is commensurate to its output in terms of both scale and complexity. Additionally, the petrochemical supply chain covers everything from research to distribution, so the expanse of skills required to operate a successful company is extremely broad.

Research & Development

Petrochemical R&D is an enormous brain trust dedicated to improving how things are made. Developing new chemicals to better solve old problems, using existing compounds to overcome new challenges, studying markets to find an opportunity for an application and simply making something a little better are all part of Petrochemical R&D.


Petrochemical manufacturing is divided into a handful of distinct industries. Synthetic materials are needed to make HI&I (household, industrial and institutional) products, paints and coatings, personal care products, and chemicals for oil & gas production. Petrochemical manufacturers convert feedstock into a variety of materials that other manufacturers need to make things we all use.


While petrochemical manufacturers produce a staggering amount of material, getting that material into the hands of small, innovative companies that turn it into something truly amazing is the work of a distributor. Distributors must be technically savvy and know the market to stay competitive.

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