The downstream oil business is about turning crude it into refined petroleum products that get used both in industry and in everyday life. In addition to producing fuel for powering vehicles, generating electricity, and heating buildings, the downstream sector deals in countless other petroleum products that get used around the world. The petrochemical industry develops, produces and distributes the materials that are used to make everyday items. Everything from the refinery to the service station is downstream, so the sector demands expertise from all of our practice areas, including executive leadership, operations, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, and information technology.

Because of the ever-growing list of uses for petroleum products, the demand for downstream talent makes finding the best people a huge challenge. This is where Manhattan Resources steps in. 800.388.8189

Downstream Engineers

  • Midstream
  • Refinery Operations
  • Gas Processing
  • Procurement
  • EH&S (environmental health and safety and security) note that nobody has EH&S totally covered. They’re all specializations. Even air or water.