Oil & Gas

The scope of any oil & gas project is enormous. The costs are high, and so is the risk factor. Success can be huge, but it rides on the shoulders of a very select group of people.  And of course, the skill set of these individuals can vary drastically, whether you operate upstream, downstream or in the services industry. Market volatility can compound both successes and failures, so building and maintaining strong teams in this business requires constant vigilance.

Upstream (E&P)

Extracting raw fossil fuels is a high-risk, high-reward business, and people who excel in this arena tend to be flexible, alert, and of course, highly skilled. Manhattan’s network can connect you to thousands of candidates.


Refining oil and gas and bringing the products to market is a world apart from E&P. From the pipeline to the pump, the downstream sector grows and changes as fast as the technology.

Oilfield Services

With daily oil consumption fast approaching 100 million barrels worldwide, the demand for oilfield support is huge. And as scarcity mandates innovation, service companies must attract the very best in order to stay competitive.