Retail Power

In deregulated electricity markets, REPs (retail electricity providers) do big business. And working with a variable-priced commodity, staying profitable means having a well-run organization. The differences between the retail, commercial and industrial markets are night-and-day, so landing the people with the right expertise can be a challenge. Manhattan Resources is well-established in the retail electricity community, so whether you’re looking for people to lead the buying or the selling, we’re a resource.


Everyone uses power in their homes, so customers abound. Residential electricity is a high-volume game, so volume sales are key to being successful. Whether your team operates from a call center or out on the street, knowing how to target–and influence–individual consumers en masse is essential in leadership candidates.


Commercial buildings tend to use more electricity than homes, and have a much higher occupancy. And building power purchases are made by landlords or property managers, so sales are relationship driven. Because of high consumption. Contracts in the commercial sector tend to considerably more involved and harder to come by than in residential, so a somewhat different skill set is needed in leadership.


For many manufacturers, fluctuating electricity costs drastically affect profitability. And with a factory full of machinery, consumption is extremely high. Because the stakes are so high, the sales relationship between manufacturer and REP is symbiotic; contracts are structured to ensure a win for both parties regardless of price swings. While advertising is negligible compared to the residential sector, the sales and contracting process is extremely complex.

Regardless of your target market, Manhattan Resources has the network and the know-how to build your leadership teams in retail electricity. Find out how we can help. 800.388.8189