The renewable energy industry is a microcosm of the energy industry as a whole: it comprises both fuel and power, is conveyed by similar channels and is traded in the same markets. Yet the production of renewable energy, whether it’s wind, solar or biofuels, is a vastly different process altogether. The technical brain trust is unique. Regulations and incentives can drastically affect a company’s bottom line. Even many of the seemingly similar aspects of the renewable industry require niche experience that can be elusive and rare. Understanding the intricacies of this industry is essential to placing the right leadership.


What are three things about solar power that are unique? Tech, climate, tax advantages.


Connecting a wind farm to the grid involves the many of the same challenges as connecting a coal plant. The land rights must be established and the infrastructure must be built. But building a wind farm┬ápresents unique logistical challenges…(what are some challenges unique to wind energy?)

Tech, logistics (where can you stick a wind farm?), weather, environmental factors, governmental factors (on the down side, finding a place to put it. On the up side, tax incentives.


Biodiesel, biogas, alcohols and ethanol are clean, versatile and on the rise in industry. Finding new ways to generate these fuels

Manhattan’s experience in the renewable arena:
Agriculture, commodities, tech.