Perhaps the most valuable commodity, and historically the most taken for granted, the modern energy sector is perpetually faced with scarcity and regulation that only industry and ingenuity can overcome.¬†Emerging economies worldwide are constantly changing the face of the marketplace, while new technologies put innovative minds to work in attempt to satisfy the exploding demand. Much of the energy sector’s expansion follows a traditional model; bringing energy to market poses many of the same challenges it always did. But the nascent viability of renewable energy and global competition for finite resources means that staying relevant in energy requires skill and flexibility. Manhattan is a seasoned partner in placing energy industry talent, and the foundation of our success is our continuing ability to understand this fast-paced business.

Energy Trading

Commodities become dearer by the day, and the technology for trading them becomes faster and smarter. Staying relevant in energy trading means keeping your people sharp and expanding your operations to follow opportunity.


Aside from their infinite availability, renewable energy is attractive because of marketplace perception and government incentives. Whether you’re producing or distributing green energy, Manhattan Resources is access to top industry talent.

Retail Power

In deregulated markets, buying and selling electricity is big business. Your sales methods will differ immensely depending on whether you’re selling for residential, commercial or industrial use, so having the right experts on your team is crucial.


Conveying gas or electricity from their source to the end user involves serious operations. Everything from engineering to safety and environmental compliance to sales is essential to staying in business, let alone turning a profit.