We at Manhattan Resources derive our competitive advantage in part from hard work, years of fostering strong professional relationships, attention to detail and the inherent talent of our people. Yet an integral aspect of our success has been the decision we made in our infancy to specialize in a particular sector, concentrating our efforts on learning it inside and out. With the belief that diluting our energy across a breadth of industries would diminish our potency in all of them, we invested our time and resources building a foundation primarily in energy-related industries. Our decision, made years ago, has resulted in fabulous success for the choice clients we serve, and by extension for ourselves. Our existing network and our many ultra-successful placements reflect our dedication to understanding the business we’ve come to be a part of.

Within these industries, Manhattan Resources specializes in building leadership teams primarily across our practice areas. Our strength is in placing executives and professionals with successful firms.


Electric power-related positions range from green energy production and distribution to trading. We build leadership teams with a breadth of skills.

Oil & Gas

Upstream, downstream and service companies comprise the oil-and-gas-specific corner of our business.


A specific niche in the downstream sector, a number of our clients include petrochemical development, manufacturing and distribution firms.