Executive Search

Manhattan Resources is a valued partner for talent acquisition, management and retention strategy, and attrition planning. Our clients trust us to understand the complexities of their business, and identify talent that will flourish and augment, or lead and drive the organization’s culture. We identify candidates at the right stage of their careers, aligning employer and employee expectations.

We Help Our Clients Build High Performance Teams

Executive search is our business. That is why the Manhattan Resources team brings years of expertise and a time-tested recruiting process to find talent with the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural background to fit your strategic role.

Our process starts before the search, by spending time with our new clients in their environment and meeting with their leadership team, to ensure thorough technical and cultural understanding. This time meeting with the client organization might seem like an unnecessary extra step to our competition, but we believe it to be critical to ensure we can appropriately assess candidates.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the position and where it sits in the organization. We also evaluate any nuanced skills necessary in the right candidate that might extend to team relationships, historical expectations, and less clearly defined aspects of the business. As a result, this dedication to finding the right professional for the technical and cultural needs of the client, at the right stage of the professional’s career, is how we can provide our extended placement guaranty. Moreover, it is how we provide candidates that many times have extensive “runway” for future opportunities within the organization.

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