The Difference

Very little is achieved by someone working alone. Rather, real success comes from partnerships and collaboration. That’s how we built our business at Manhattan Resources and it’s precisely how we can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re assembling an executive team or need a group of specialists to streamline your company, Manhattan’s expertise is in putting the right people together.

Our executive recruiters have years of industry-specific experience, which not only means we understand how your company works and the sort of people you need; we also know a lot of those people. We’re well acquainted with leading professionals in the industries we serve, and often know of opportunities before they’re made public. For many client companies looking to make an important strategic hire, we’re already speaking with top candidates in that field considering their next career move.

At Manhattan Resources, we do more than just make these valuable connections between companies and professionals. We take an exhaustive approach to understanding the companies we consult and the people we seek. Our clients’ goals become our goals. We pursue our clients’ interest with the same integrity and drive we demand from others. We interview in person whenever possible, to witness a how a candidate’s soft skills complement the hard. That’s our approach–a wide perspective coupled with a dogged attention to detail.

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