Our Methodology

Our objective at Manhattan Resources is to find the right candidate for every position, not simply placing people in jobs. When we conduct a search, we always make the following considerations prior to placement:

  • Meet with the client to get an understanding of the corporate culture and the position in question, including secondary considerations such as coworkers and environment;
  • Create a Position Specification to detail the job’s responsibilities, qualification requirements, reporting relationship and compensation;
  • Research potential candidates in our recruiting databases and other resources;
  • Interview qualified candidates to determine their aptitudes for the position, as well as their interest;
  • Identify the more qualified candidates and conduct personal interviews, verifying qualifications and determining personal compatibility;
  • Present resumes to the client, complete with our assessment of personal values, experiences, work ethic, etc.;
  • Execute reference and background checks on selected candidates;
  • Serve as intermediary in making offer/conducting negotiations with candidate;

Time Frame

On average, Manhattan Resources makes a placement within 60-90 days.