Client Testimonials

“…the absolute best in industry level thinking”

“Manhattan’s people are extremely knowledgeable about the industry in regards to energy trading. When we contact them we get the absolute best in industry level thinking. We trust Manhattan. They know the ins and outs of the energy industry and always know where to find the best talent.”

Rich Toronto

Dayton Power and Light
Dayton, Ohio

“…worked out perfectly”

“On behalf of Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International, I want to thank Manhattan Resources for assisting us with our last executive search. The candidates you provided were all very much qualified, which showed you really did your homework in understanding our organization and our needs as well as our culture. Our new addition has worked out perfectly. We look forward to working with you on future searches.”

David A. Burciaga

Vice President, Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International
Houston, Texas

“…consultative and collaborative”

“We engaged Manhattan Resources to help launch a new business model within our existing Energy business. From the very beginning, to the successful hiring of three outstanding candidates, Manhattan Resources worked with us in a consultative and collaborative manner. They took the time to understand our business, our concept and our needs. They strategized with us and helped to clarify our vision and turn it into a reality. They helped to craft job descriptions and then commenced a very thorough and carefully executed search on our behalf. They researched and screened a pool of professionals, and presented very well qualified candidates. Using their understanding of our business and their expertise in executive search they successfully delivered top talent we chose to hire. I recommend their services unequivocally and couldn’t be more pleased with their efforts and the delivered results.”

Clay Davis

President, Amerex Brokers LLC
Houston, Texas

“…the best out of the bunch”

“They saved me time. Before I used Manhattan and Advantium, we used the Monster board and my human resources folks sent me whatever came in. I was getting people applying who hadn’t even read the job posting. Manhattan and Advantium sent me two or three people and each one of them were very well-qualified and they were the best out of the bunch. I found the right person out of just those three people they sent me.”

Chris Moody

Cost Manager, Hydril
Houston, Texas

“…a job well done”

“Manhattan Resources provided our company with viable candidates right from the start. Outsourcing our recruiting function has allowed our company to concentrate our time and efforts on our core competencies. We plan to utilize Manhattan Resources for finding top candidates in any future markets. Thanks Manhattan for a job well done!”

Chris Franzen

Director of Logistics, Broussard Logistics
Houston, Texas

“…other recruiters are not even close”

“They spent a lot of time with me and the person I interviewed. I appreciated their interest in that part of the process. The person we hired worked out very well and we are very pleased with her. I have to tell you, other recruiters are not even close.”

Linda Klopp

Manager, Square D Corporation
Palatine, Illinios

“…very good at discrete candidate selection”

“What I like about Manhattan is that they are very good at discrete candidate selection and I always feel like they find me someone they would actually hire themselves. They strike a very good balance between sending me candidates and not pushing the ones I am not crazy about. I think it’s even more important that they are very familiar with the personality and structure of our department and they take that into consideration when looking for someone for us.”

Tammy Morrison

Audit Manager, Weatherford International
Houston, Texas

“…good people on a quick turnaround”

“Manhattan delivers good people on a quick turnaround. And they do their homework. They find not only what you think you want but actually what you really need based upon your discussions with them. They came out and visited us and got the feel for our corporate climate and what kind of people would fit in here. They are the only people I use now.”

Chris Moody

Cost Manager, Hydril
Houston, Texas

“Manhattan was fabulous.”

“Manhattan was fabulous. They spent a great deal of time talking to us about our company and making sure any employee they found would really fit the job description and type of person we were looking for. I’ve never worked with any other recruiting firm that was as thorough as Manhattan.”

Linda Klopp

Manager, Square D Corporation
Palatine, Illinios

“…follow through is always excellent”

“I’ve worked with lots and lots of recruiters over the years. But Manhattan exhibits great depth in terms of professionalism and their range of contacts in energy trading and risk management. Their follow through is always excellent.”

Bob Dickerman

Managing Director, Navigant Consulting
San Diego, CA

“…among the best of professional recruiting firms”

“I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Manhattan Resources for the excellent service they consistently provide to my group and me. It has been a great pleasure working with the many talented professionals at Manhattan Resources, which in my opinion is among the best of professional recruiting firms. Over the course of the past 7 years I have come to rely upon their professionalism, extensive knowledge of the energy market, and a thorough candidate selection and screening process. As a result, Manhattan Resources has been very consistent in quickly presenting well-matched, high quality candidates for highly specialized finance positions in risk control and credit. I look forward to working with Manhattan Resources in the future, as I have come to depend on their unsurpassed professional recruiting services.”

Mark Gill

Vice President, Credit, Shell Energy North America
Houston, Texas