Candidate Testimonials

“…they separate themselves with detail, attitude and follow-through”

“They were very good at matching my talents and experience with what a company was looking for. They placed me where I am working today. I liked them so much when they were helping me that I called them when I was in a position to use a recruiter. I think they separate themselves with detail, attitude, and follow-through.”

Darilyn Jones

VP, Sequent Energy
Houston, Texas

“…got me in the door of almost every company…”

“I think the difference between Manhattan and everyone else is that they have so many more contacts in the energy industry. They are also very good at keeping you posted on information and developments in your search. Not too long after I gave them my resume they came to me with some good prospects. Manhattan got me in the door of almost every company I wanted to talk to. A lot of recruiters have limited contacts in the industry and are not able to do the things Manhattan can.”

Joseph Taylor

Director of Finance, Con-Dive
Houston, Texas

“…the right opportunity to advance my career”

“Manhattan Resources did an outstanding job of helping me find the right opportunity to advance my career. They are extremely knowledgeable in the Finance and Accounting field and worked hard at researching my background and skills to find the right situation where I could thrive. They gave me accurate information about the company and position, so that I didn’t have any surprises, and constantly kept me up-to-date on where we were in the process. Their knowledge and professionalism when they were introducing the company to my background and skills opened up the door for me and with their help I was able to land the position I wanted.”

Matt Borman

Financial Analyst, Square D Corporation
Palatine, Illinios

“…I would never work with another recruiter…”

“Manhattan is highly professional and they are very expedient. They did outstanding work in terms of locating me and matching me up with the right companies. I had some good choices to make. I’ve used them a couple of times to advance my career and take steps to the next level. Each time it’s definitely been a career step. After the first time of working with them I would never again work with any other recruiter outside of Manhattan”

Lisa Carver

Senior Settlement Analyst, Shell Trading
Houston, Texas

“I am very happy.”

“They called me because they had a job they thought I would be interested in. And I was. They sent me the details and I expressed interest and it went very fast. They were very personal and very attentive and kept in close touch with me. They knew a lot about the company and learned a lot about me and they found me a very good fit at my new job. I am very happy.”

Choon Sam O'Reilly

Houston, Texas

“They understood me and what I wanted to achieve…”

“My experience with them was excellent. They described the job and I felt I should meet with the CFO and they arranged that. After I met with him, and I decided I was interested, they got me an excellent salary. They understood me and what I wanted to achieve very well and they ended up helping me find the place where I belonged.”

Rob Lawson

Sr. Financial Analyst