celebrating 19 years

Celebrating 19 Years Helping Clients Build Better Leadership Teams

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celebrating 19 years

Celebrating 19 years in business, Manhattan Resources is building powerful leadership teams for clients.

Manhattan Resources is celebrating 19 years as an important retained executive recruiter in the Houston area serving clients around the nation.

“It is hard to believe 19 years have passed so quickly. We have made big strides over the years. As a result, we are just as excited about the business today as we were when we started out,” said CEO and Founder Chris Schoettelkotte.

celebrating 19 years

Clients are celebrating 19 years with Manhattan Resources committed to their business success.

Celebrating 19 Years in Our Commitment to Helping Clients Build Strong Executive Leadership

Whether you are filling mission-critical leadership roles, building short-term teams of professionals, or tackling your organization’s most significant challenges, Manhattan Resources is the agile and innovative team that can boldly take your business to the next level.

When Schoettelkotte started Manhattan Resources in 1999, he pledged to honor his professional commitments first and provide true value to his clients. This meant re-imagining the search process, providing transparency and lasting results. That formula has worked well and kept Manhattan Resources clients engaged with the company over the long-term.

celebrating 19 years

Manhattan Resources is celebrating 19 years of thorough research to help Its clients

Celebrating 19 Years of Finding the Talent Uniquely Suited to Fit Your Business

The Manhattan Resources team has the expertise and proven recruiting process to find talent with the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural background to fit strategic roles for its clients.

“Our process starts before the search when we spend time with our new clients in their environment meeting with their leadership team to ensure thorough technical and cultural understanding. This time meeting with the client organization might seem like an unnecessary extra step to our competition, but we believe it is critical to ensure we appropriately assess candidates,” Schoettelkotte said.

celebrating 19 years

Celebrating 19 years committed to our client’s success.

Thorough Research for Our Clients is Another Reason for Celebrating 19 Years

Manhattan Resources conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the position. The company examines where the position sits in the organization. In addition, the MR team looks for any nuanced skills necessary to fit the candidate. Similarly, this thoroughness extends to team relationships and historical expectations. It also includes less clearly defined aspects of the business that may be impacted by or intersect with that role. As a result, we can ensure the right professional for the technical and cultural needs of the client. And we can ensure it at the right stage of the professional’s career. This enables Manhattan Resources’ extended placement guaranty. Plus, it brings candidates that have an extensive “runway” for future opportunities within the organization.

celebrating 19 years

Providing retained executive search is worth celebrating 19 years in business.

Values-Based Business is One More Reason Manhattan Resources is Celebrating 19 Years

Manhattan Resources was conceived in a world that was dealing with the tech crash, 1999-2001.  And the country was on the brink of major corporate accounting scandals, 2000-2004. In this environment, the company did something revolutionary. Manhattan Resources started a values-based business.

“First of all, I want our clients to see a search strategy and process that are transparent,” Schoettelkotte said. “That was my strategy then and it is our strategy today. Yes, it was different from the rest, but it was important to do things differently even if that meant shaking up the status quo.”

Today Manhattan Resources continues to help its clients build high-performance teams. The company uses years of expertise and a time-tested recruiting process to find the right talent. We can assure the perfect combination of skills, experience, and cultural background.  With Manhattan Resources, strategic roles find the perfect fit.

celebrating 19 yearsAbout Manhattan Resources

In conclusion, Manhattan Resources is a retained executive search and advisory services firm with deep experience supporting clients in varied industries. We have roots in oil & gas, retail energy, power & utilities, and petrochemicals, to manufacturing & distribution, legal, and engineering & construction, to name a few. Manhattan Resources invites you to experience an executive search and business solutions partner like no other. We are there to help you fill mission-critical leadership roles, build short-term teams, and tackle your most significant challenges. Manhattan Resources has the agility, innovation and business acumen to assume a bold approach. As a result, we will help you take your business to the next level. Find out how the experts can help. Contact Us >>

celebrating 19 years

Thank you for 19 wonderful years. Likewise, we look forward to celebrating two decades serving you in 2019.


business leadership

Business Leadership and Rapid Growth: Level Up Your Team With Retained Executive Search

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business leadership

Business leadership can suffer when a company is growing fast. Don’t ignore these warnings. Photo by Paul Bence, Unsplash.

Business leadership is critical when your business is in fast-growth mode. Rapid growth is often a reliable indicator that you need organizational change. Don’t wait until your company is in trouble. Look for the signs that your organization is no longer functioning optimally.

“At first, it might not be easy to detect, but things may seem a bit off, says Manhattan Resources President and CEO Chris Schoettelkotte. “For example, it might be taking longer than usual to run reports.”

business leadership

Photo by Helloquence, Unsplash.

Don’t Overlook Small Issues in Business Leadership

Small issues can quickly escalate with growth. For example:

  • A winning sales team suddenly stops performing up to expectations.
  • Your top-notch accounting team is no longer able to predict year-end results accurately.
  • The safety team that previously demonstrated excellent, great global coverage now seems completely fragmented.
  • Your IT team can’t keep up with the demands of your fast-growing workforce.
leadership talent

Photo by RawPixel, Unsplash.

Promoting from Within is Nice but Can Create Undue Stress for Your Business Leadership Team

Usually, in a fast-growth company, we reward business leadership teams by promoting people from within. This is a wonderful thing to do. But in the process, we put demands on a team that is not prepared for large corporate environments. A senior executive is often needed to mentor those who have grown with the company. This individual can also provide real-world experience to help bridge the gap.

Retained executive recruitment is more likely to locate the senior executive that fits your needs than contingency recruiting. Retained executive search with Manhattan Resources ensures a technical and cultural fit. We accomplish this by spending time in the work environment and by meeting with leadership teams. As a result, we are able to engage the best executives for your business — including those not actively searching.

business leadership

Photo by Hunters Race, Unsplash.

Confidential Service Helps Identify and Engage Top Talent for Business Leadership

Manhattan Resources also maintains client and candidate confidentiality throughout the executive search process through our proven methods.  Confidentiality is not a feature of contingency search methods. With our retained executive search, we can guarantee a higher caliber of candidates and a higher level of responsiveness because they know we respect and manage their privacy.

If you are not sure where your needs are occurring, we can also help you there with consulting services designed specifically for you. We have 20 years of experience building high-performance teams, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to help your business achieve its goals.

business leadership

Photo by RawPixel, Unsplash.

Complex Business Needs are Our Specialty

Our Business Solutions practice extends support to help you source the right professionals to address complex business needs. Whether it is sales coaching delivered by a member of our staff or an analysis of options for market entry or system selection, Manhattan Resources can assemble the team to provide you with the insight and execution you need.

At Manhattan Resources, we are ready to help you meet the challenges of fast growth.

About Manhattan Resources

Manhattan Resources is a retained executive search and advisory services firm with deep experience supporting clients in varied industries, from its roots in oil & gas, retail energy, power & utilities, and petrochemicals, to manufacturing & distribution, legal, and engineering & construction, just to name a few. Manhattan Resources invites you to experience an executive search and business solutions partner like no other. Whether you are filling mission-critical leadership roles, building short-term teams of professionals, or tackling your organization’s most significant challenges, Manhattan Resources has the agility, innovation and business acumen to assume the bold approach that is often necessary to take your business to the next level. Find out how the experts can help. Contact Us >>

leadership talent

Leadership Talent — How to Win the Battle for the Top Leaders

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leadership talent

Leadership talent will take your business to the next level. Photo by Nick Seliverstov, Unsplash.


Uncover the Secret Weapon Your Company Needs to Win Leadership Talent

by Chris Schoettelkotte, CEO, Manhattan Resources

It is always the right time for the right leadership, a renewed commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and leadership talent. As predicted, this year is turning out to be a year of strength and prosperity for many companies. Do you have the right leadership talent in place to capitalize on the opportunities?  Are you ready to build out your leadership team but dreading the time that recruiting and interviewing takes away from your business?

The Right Leadership Talent is Critical Throughout the Organization

A retained executive search will help you find leadership talent to help throughout your organization, not just in the C-suite.  Learn the tips successful companies have discovered can jump-start your hiring process and assist in building the high-performance teams necessary to guide your organizations to victory.

For companies facing competitive market pressures, posting a job and hoping the right talent stumbles across your opportunity results in a sea of resumes with diverse skills and capabilities.  As your human resources team reviews these resumes, buzzwords leap off the page and candidates are sorted and passed to your functional business heads for review.

Balancing Daily Business with the Added Responsibilities of Recruiting Leadership Talent

Awash in evolving priorities, your leadership team has every intention of allocating time to vet candidates and prioritize the search; but as days progress, urgent demands for daily workflow take their toll. Each day the stack gets pushed farther and farther back.  Before long, another month has passed, and even if the right candidate had applied for the position, they are probably no longer available. Thankfully, there is an option. A professional retained executive search firm can move the process forward for you.

However, before you jump head-first into using a recruiting firm, be mindful of the differences in how they work. Here is an analogy to highlight the difference.

Photo by RawPixel, Unsplash.


Establishing Your Unique List of Must-Haves

Consider what happens when you want to buy a new house. You have definite ideas of the perfect home. Perhaps you are prepared with the floorplan and builder’s specs for what you require. Armed with the critical details, you call three different realtors and a builder to provide them with your specifications.  You want a four bedroom, two-story ranch style house with a pool, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen.  The home needs to have a funky modern feel, and you’re looking for something with modern touches and fixtures that requires minimal updating.

The house also needs to have all gas appliances in the kitchen, a second master bedroom with an en-suite bath located near the kitchen, and it should be handicap accessible for your mother-in-law.  The price must be affordable, and you provide a strict price range to guide the realtors and builder.

What Determines Who Wins the Prize?

Finally, you let the realtors and builder know how excited you are to work with them and that you can’t wait to see the house they find for you. Knowing you will only pay for the house you wish to buy, they must work hard to find you the perfect home so that you choose the one they have presented. In the end, this means that the first person to show you the house that you want receives the commission.

leadership talent

Photo by Jason Briscoe, Unsplash


What outcomes do you expect from this situation?

Surely you can guess a few of the outcomes of this situation. In the case of the builder, economics dictate that minimal effort is expended building a new house without a guarantee of payment. So, the builder is likely to send you a list of homes in inventory with varying degrees of relevance to your specifications.

In the case of the realtors, they know that you are working with other realtors.  As a result, the one who has the earliest time stamp proof of submitting the home that you desire is the only one who will get paid. This knowledge diminishes the certainty that there is compensation for all involved. To avoid “missing the mark,” they could send you an exhaustive list of every home on the marketplace that remotely meets your specifications. Doing so will allow them to claim they were first to submit the house you desired and thereby earn the commission. Or, they may send you almost nothing at all, as they focus instead on clients that were not working with other realtors or that have less exacting requirements.

Collaboration to Eliminate the Parameters that Drive Misalignment

At Manhattan Resources, we work with you to eliminate the parameters that drive this sort of misalignment. We partner with our clients exclusively. They commit to our firm for the search and pay a percentage of the final placement fee up front. This commitment ensures that Manhattan Resources is accountable for the results of the leadership talent search. It also ensures that we are not creating confusing messages to prospective candidates. We carefully vet the candidates before submitting them, interviewing and screening out candidates whose resumes have all the right buzzwords but lack the understanding and experience to be useful in the role.

Furthermore, we keep an eye on timing and drive urgency by not charging anything else until 30 days after the new employee is working at our client’s company. Plus, we stand behind the candidates we place with your business – providing a 365-day guarantee for your strategic leadership hires.


Discovering Talent that is Not Easily Discoverable

The beauty of hiring a professional retained recruiting firm like Manhattan Resources is simple. You will not be forced to select from the pool of candidates who are actively looking for a job.  At Manhattan Resources, we proactively go looking for the right person.  We find them through our time-tested search process; then we engage them, explain why your opportunity should be attractive to them, and bring the candidate to you.  In a competitive marketplace with many candidates on the market, a retained search can find candidates not looking for employment. Therefore, retained search gives you a competitive advantage.

Are you ready to try the process but not sure exactly how to organize your leadership team? Manhattan Resources can help with that, as well.  We have 20 years of experience assisting companies with assessments and determining how best to group responsibilities into critical roles.

In conclusion, here at Manhattan Resources, we are ready to help you meet the challenges of a growth economy.

About Manhattan Resources

Manhattan Resources is a retained executive search and advisory services firm with deep experience supporting clients in varied industries, from its roots in oil & gas, retail energy, power & utilities, and petrochemicals, to manufacturing & distribution, legal, and engineering & construction, just to name a few. Manhattan Resources invites you to experience an executive search and business solutions partner like no other. When you are filling mission-critical roles with leadership talent, we can help. When you are building short-term teams of professionals, we are there for you. Whenever you tackle your organization’s most significant challenges, count on us. We have agility, innovation and business acumen to assume a bold approach to take your business to the next level. Find out how the experts can help. Contact Us >>

business leadership

Why is hiring good employees still a challenge for some companies?

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Hiring Good Employees

Hiring good employees can be a challenge. A process approach ensures all of your critical bases are covered resulting in a stronger candidate pool.


If you are an employer, you are probably confident that with the right formula, hiring good employees should be no problem at all. Create exciting jobs, pay a competitive wage, and design a safe, inviting place to work. Sounds easy, but we all soon find out there is no “magic” formula.

Hiring good employees is a process, and like any process, it can break. If any single stage of a process is off, then everything that follows can be out of sync with the original goal. To hire the right people, get the process right from the start.

Hiring Good Employees – Process Step One: Expect to spend some time on it.

You need to do a lot more than merely selecting someone from a list of individuals who “check the boxes” when hiring the right person to work for your company. If you are treating your human resources team like your purchasing department, and they are not pushing back, then this is the first break down in your hiring process.

  • Make sure that you spend enough time with the recruiter – internal or external – to ensure that they understand not only the technical requirements for the position but also the goals of the role and how the person will contribute to the organization achieving its objectives. The recruiter must be able to explain the need that the person will fill, to assess the suitability of candidates.
  • Write an honest job description that communicates precisely who you are, what your company does, what they expect from the role, and what the position will accomplish for the company.
  • To attract the right candidate, be realistic about the requirements and match the criteria realistically to the salary range. Be ready to collect and respond market data about compensation as you begin the search, to develop a more realistic expectation of where the compensation needs to be to attract the candidate you want; or to modify your expectations if the budget isn’t there.
  • Don’t expect to “post it and forget it.” While there are many exceptions, hiring is rarely “if you build it, they will come.” For experienced roles, the chances are good that the person you want is already working and not looking for job openings, or is looking but maybe not at your website. In these cases, you will find the right person through networking or direct, targeted outreach.


hiring good employees

Photo by Hunters Race, Unsplash.


Hiring Good Employees – Process Step Two: Make a good (first and continuing) impression.

Once you get the attention of candidates, it is critical to put your best foot forward to ensure they have your desired impression of the company and opportunity.

  • Ensure that your company’s website is functioning correctly across all platforms. Candidates may be researching your company from any device; is your site readable from a phone screen? This is your first chance to make a good impression.
  • Be sure your hiring managers are the best ambassadors for your company. Do they understand your company culture? Are they involved in the brand? Do they know the mission, vision, values, and goals? If you are working with a third party recruiter, ask them to present your company to you. Make sure you know how they are representing you and your company in the marketplace.

Keep Your Candidates Engaged.

If you and your HR team spend a week interviewing people on the phone, then get busy for two weeks or a month and do not call candidates back, you will lose good people. Candidates assume that not hearing from you is the same as “no” at best. In the worst case, they consider your company disorganized and indecisive.

  • Say “Yes,” to candidate interviews. You are extra busy because you have this vacancy. Not spending time with the candidates may lead to hiring mistakes and send the message that you are disinterested. Finding the time for interviews results in a better candidate pool.
  • Be decisive. High-quality candidates will leave if the hiring process moves too slow.

Process Step Three: Exercise Flexibility as You Narrow the Selection.

Often when clients complain about not having enough candidates, what they are saying is they do not have enough quality candidates. If you are successful in narrowing the field to a few quality candidates, everyone is happy.

hiring good employees

Photo by Raw Pixel, Unsplash


Don’t overlook great candidates in search of the “perfect candidate.”

That is a bit like the dating fallacy of trying to find the perfect mate. Just remember, you are not looking for the perfect candidate; you are looking for the perfect candidate for your culture, the job in question and the team requiring another member!

Rather than being fixated on specific experience, it is sometimes better to keep your eyes open for plenty of potential, or as CEO Chris Schoettelkotte of Manhattan Resources likes to say, “plenty of runway.” Many companies evaluate potential candidates on their ability to be promoted several times in the organization.

Flexibility results in many more qualified candidates willing to talk and, consequently interested in your offer. Break your expectations down into “must-haves and “like-to-haves.”

Hiring Good Employees – Process Step Four: Make a Reasonable Offer.

Expecting excellent credentials for a rock-bottom salary is a mistake.  This thinking leads to process breakdown and significantly diminishes your odds of success. It also extends the time to fill the position and leaves you with an unmet need, resulting in more cost to the bottom line.

hiring good employees


It is essential to offer a competitive salary and compensation package to win the candidate and to keep them.

Be realistic about the options when a candidate is still employed. Offer enough of an increase to avoid a counter offer by their current employer, yet still be within your budget.

If you are using an executive recruiting firm, be sure to leverage their experience with compensation negotiations.   Avoid surprises and disappointment by using an experienced recruiter. This will ensure that you understand the candidate’s complete compensation package and strategize for success.

About Manhattan Resources

Manhattan Resources is a retained executive search and advisory services firm with broad experience supporting clients in oil & gas, retail energy, power & utilities, petrochemicals, manufacturing & distribution.

Manhattan Resources named one of  Forbes Top 200 Executive Recruiting Firms this past year, invites you to experience an executive search and business solutions partner like no other. Whether you are filling mission-critical leadership roles, building short-term teams of professionals, or tackling your organization’s most significant challenges, Manhattan Resources has the agility, innovation and business acumen to assume the bold approach that is often necessary to take your business to the next level. Find out how the experts can help. Contact Us >>

Happy New Year from Manhattan Resources

Happy New Year from the Team at Manhattan Resources

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Happy New Year from Manhattan Resources

Happy New Year from Manhattan Resources

From our team at Manhattan Resources, thank you to our clients, our community, and our friends for a successful year. Abundant thanks as well to our fabulous team at Manhattan Resources and each of the hard working individuals that have made it possible for us to expand our offerings in new industries and add value in our traditional sectors by meeting their rapidly changing needs. Everyone at Manhattan Resources looks forward to continuing this spirit of reinvestment in our company, services, and team in 2018.

A Happy New Year Means Closing the Chapter on a Year of Challenges in Houston

You cannot live and work in Houston without feeling like we have truly turned a corner. We are emerging on the other side of a challenging year for our community. We are grateful to do so. Finally, we have the opportunity as a community to look forward.

This New Year will be one of innovation, acceleration, collaboration, and growth for our organization, our clients’ organizations, and the industries we serve. As a result, incredible prospects await us all in 2018. We are excited passionate about the future of Houston and the industries we serve. Most of all, we are happy to eager to help your company meet and exceed its goals in the coming year.

Thank you and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Manhattan Resources sends Thanksgiving

Manhattan Resources Sends Thanksgiving Wishes

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Manhattan Resources Sends Thanksgiving Wishes 2017

Manhattan Resources sends Thanksgiving wishes to all of our clients, friends, and community.

We at Manhattan Resources are deeply thankful for the confidence and loyalty you’ve expressed through the years and extend our best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving Day.

Locally, our Houston community has been through a monumental year. Although many still have more recovery to go through, our community has accomplished so much through the inspiring response of so many.

To our extended family of clients and friends across the country, we wish you all great joy and continued success in your lives and businesses. 

As we celebrate these successes, we wish to give thanks in remembrance of how the holiday all started here in the U.S.!

First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

The Story of Thanksgiving in the United States

The Pilgrims at Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast in 1621, which we call the first Thanksgiving celebration. This feast was more than a day long. It lasted three days and featured a menu we would not recognize. The pilgrims and Indians ate lobster, seal, swan, deer, corn, maple syrup, and wild herbs; but no sweets, since the Pilgrims had run out of sugar they brought from Europe. No one knows exactly when turkey became the focus of the Thanksgiving menu.

After the first celebration, for the next 200 years, the colonies and states celebrated Thanksgiving day when they decided it was the best time. It became a holiday for every state in the union during the Civil War in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day would occur annually in November.

Vintage Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Vintage Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

New Thanksgiving Traditions Begin and Become Iconic

After 1900, parades begin to show up on Thanksgiving Day as part of the tradition. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, first held in 1924. About 3 million spectators line the 2.5 mile route each year to see the giant balloons and floats. The television audience for the 2016 live parade was 22.3 million!

Read more about the first Thanksgiving with your family and share some wonderful videos about how it has evolved on The History Channel. Everyone at Manhattan Resources sends Thanksgiving wishes from our family to yours!

Manhattan Resources President

Manhattan Resources President Shares Views with Bauer School of Business as Panelist for Women in the Workplace

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Manhattan Resources President Allison Piper recently served as a panelist for a special forum held by University of Houston Bauer School of Business, Bauer Women Society, on “Empowering young business women to lead the workforce of tomorrow.”

Manhattan Resources President

Bauer Women Society President Mary Haar, left and Manhattan Resources President Piper, right, memorialize a power banner with the goal. Senior executives are engaged with the Bauer outreach to share lessons, ideas and tips as successful business women. The panel format allows executives to share leadership skills and address workforce questions.

The Bauer Women Society panel represented several industries and included the CEO and Founder of Novalash, Sophy Merszai; CEO of Consultlink (a medical information sharing startup), Diana Cabrales; and Piper of Manhattan Resources, a firm engaged in retained executive recruiting and advisory services and providing support to clients in oil & gas, retail energy, power & utilities, finance, manufacturing & distribution, legal, and engineering & construction.

Manhattan Resources President

Attendees at Bauer Women Society participate in a forum an empowerment forum. The goal is to develop women to lead future workforces. A panel of three local executives led discussions.


Retained search

What You Don’t Learn In Business School About Recruiting Firms

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Retained search

Retained search is best for filling roles that require careful analysis of the person’s competencies, ability to execute and cultural fit.

Recruiter’s Incentives Align with Yours in Retained Search to Deliver Real Value for Your Money

Retained search consistently delivers top quality candidates to executive roles and provides real value by driving accountability.

Once you decide to use a recruiting firm to fill your senior level role, you next must decide between using a “retained” or a “contingent” recruiter. While many hiring managers don’t understand the difference or know how to determine which to use, considering the dollars at stake and the impact on your organization, it is in your company’s best interest to spend some time understanding how it all works.

Retained Search Versus Contingent – Understanding the Difference

A contingent recruiter earns a fee only when the organization hires a candidate they have submitted to an organization. There is no obligation on the part of the recruiter to provide a candidate. And there is no compensation to the recruiter unless their candidate is hired, no matter what level of work is conducted.  Typically, this also means that whichever recruiter provides the resume to the client first gets paid. They receive nothing if their submittal of the candidate isn’t the first one.

A retained recruiter conducts a search upon receipt of a retainer – usually 1/3 of the estimated placement fee; and typically is hired to be the exclusive search partner to fill the position.  Payment of a retainer aligns the client company’s goals with the recruiter’s goals, and drives accountability on both sides. The hiring manager has an expectation that the recruiter is working to deliver results, since they have paid for it. On the flip side, the recruiter has an expectation that his or her work will be rewarded, and they can spend time fully vetting the candidates before submittal.  In the case of Manhattan Resources, the remainder of the placement fee is not due until 30 days after the candidate starts work, which still provides incentive to the recruiter to fill the position as quickly as possible.

When Would You Choose Contingent Search?

“Contingent search works well when there are a large number of qualified applicants for a role, such as with traditional staffing of entry level positions,” said CEO Chris Schoettelkotte of Manhattan Resources. “Contingency search can round up a pool of qualified candidates quickly for those roles.”

“Retained search is best when filling roles requiring careful analysis of the person’s competencies, ability to execute and cultural fit within the organization,” said Chris. “The retained search recruiter can spend time with the hiring manager and the team, getting to know the company’s culture and then assessing candidates for fit.  In addition, oftentimes the best candidates are not applying to posted positions, as they are busy working.  When the role is mission critical, and candidates are not plentiful, the retained search model saves time and money.”

 A Unique Approach to Retained Search at Manhattan Resources

“Over the years, we have developed a winning method to develop high performance teams,” said Schoettelkotte. “The most common reason new employees leave within the first year is  incompatibility on cultural and personal grounds.  It is not workplace skills inadequacy,” said Chris. “At Manhattan Resources, our team works hard to eliminate this possibility. We spend time with the client on location and experience the culture first hand. We guarantee our executive placements for a full year, as a result.”

You can discover how Manhattan Resources approach to search and transparent process result in successful high-performance teams by clicking here.

Manhattan Resources was named to Forbes 2017 List of Best Executive Recruiting Firms. To learn more about retained search, please feel free to contact us.

Carlson Products Wins Manufacturing Award

Carlson Products Wins Manufacturing Award for Innovation R&D

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Carlson Products wins manufacturing award for innovations R&D in Wichita for new technology to boost efficiency. Manhattan Resources, an award-winning retained executive search firm that specializes in building high performance teams, is pleased to announce the outstanding success of its Wichita-based client Carlson Products LLC. Pictured here with the leadership team are CEO Austin Peterson, Manhattan Resources placement Controller Kirsten Vassalli, Tom Gnewkow and Jeremey Christensen. Read More

Help Employees Recover

Help Employees Recover from Disaster, and Help Your Business, with these 10 Critical Tips

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help employees recover

Help Employees Recover from the Effects of Hurricane Harvey. Will there be enough workers to fix this? (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

Help employees recover from disaster and by doing so you can also help your business as well. Manhattan Resources joins other businesses in confronting the after effects of Hurricane Harvey. To be fair, the hurricane itself was only a prelude to the horrific flooding that displaced about 45,000 Texans from their homes, business and jobs. Read More